DFW Transmissions offers you comprehensive transmission rebuild, repair, and service. We provide everything from replacing your existing transmission with a brand new one, or a rebuilt transmission, or rebuilding or repairing your existing transmission, to your routine preventative transmission maintenance procedures. We provide expert service for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic.

Dallas Transmission Rebuild… Done Right… up to 36 Month/36K Miles Warranty!

We believe in saving you money by encouraging thorough routine maintenance of your transmission fluid and filters, which might include changing the fluid, flushing the transmission of debris, changing the filter, etc. If your problems are more serious, we’ll inspect the parts of your engine for wear-and-tear damage. Rebuilding your transmission by replacing the defective parts is significantly less expensive than replacing the transmission completely.

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Transmission Repair : New and Used Transmission Installation Service

Installing a new transmission or a rebuilt transmission is no small undertaking and should be trusted with the experts. If you have to spend the money for such a major repair, you want it to be done correctly and you want it to be completed in a timely manner so that you can get back on the road.

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DFW has the experts, the equipment, and a spacious and comfortable work environment to ensure that an expert transmission installation is performed for you. We have over 30 years of experience and have installed hundreds of transmissions of all types. We’ll do a quality job for you and we will do it fast!

Transmission Repair : Transmission Rebuild Service

Rebuilding your transmission is a mechanical overhaul of your transmission. We replace only those parts that have been identified as worn and defective. Parts, such as gaskets, seals, filters, valves and clutch components, pumps, gears, and rotors are amongst the parts that might need replacement. You save money on your transmission repair, because you are only paying for replacing the bad parts and labor.

Together, these parts work in harmony as a system to provide you with peak performance and a smooth satisfying ride. Our Dallas TX transmission experts will ensure that your transmission and all of its parts are ready to serve you.

Scheduled Maintenance Transmission Services

DFW Transmissions will perform the complete array of preventive maintenance service for you.

Transmission Fluid Level Check

We will check your transmission fluid levels. Low transmission fluid levels can lead to low lubrication of transmission parts, which speeds up wear and tear, which leads to problems. Let us check these levels for you and we’ll add any needed fluid.

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Transmission Fluid Replacement

Fluid replacement should be done every 30,000 miles to promote the proper operation of your vehicle. We’ll change your filter and replace the old fluid with fresh new fluid. We also will clean your transmission pan and replace old pan gasket.

Transmission Flush

Approximately every 30,000 miles, transmission fluid begins to breakdown and loses its effectiveness. This leads to build up and deposits which can hasten the erosion of your transmissions internal parts. Regular performing a transmission flush removes that debris and keeps your transmission clean. This will increase the life and performance of your transmission.