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Auto Repair: Transmissions

Shifting gears, but car takes a while to move? Engine revving loudly, but car feels stuck in Neutral? Burnt odor smell? Check engine light on? These are signs of transmission problems. DFW Transmissions are experts at fixing transmission problems. Let us economically fix your transmission problems so they do not get worse. If your auto is stranded because of major transmission failure call us today and with your transmission repair or transmission rebuild we will tow your vehicle to our shop and cover the cost. Take a look at of full line of expert transmission services and repair options by clicking here.

Auto Repair: Clutch Replacements

If you experience slippage when shifting gears, a grabbing or clattering vibration, strange squeals or chirping noises, or other problems changing gears, come in to DFW Transmissions and let us find out what is going on. We can save you money by catching the problem fast.

Auto Repair: General Repairs

We provide all of the general repair services that you would need from your mechanic; such as oil changes, towing services, battery service, wheel alignments, window wiper replacement, tire repair and new tire installation, diagnose electrical problems and more.

Auto Repair: Engine Diagnostics

Check engine light on? Want to know what is going on with your engine to prevent or minimize problems with your car? DFW Transmissions highly qualified staff uses the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint problems and provide you with the best and most cost effective solutions. Diagnostic services are free when repairs are made at DFW Transmissions.

Auto Repair: Starters

You turn the key to start the car, but there is clanking followed by no response? You turn on the ignition and you hear the car laboring and cranking very slowly before the engine starts? Do you hear the gear rotating for a long time before it starts? Starter repair and starter replacement are services that DFW Transmissions provides.

Auto Repair: Batteries and Alternators

Have you needed jumps lately? Are your dashboard lights dim, signal lights operating slowly, or music players not working? The alternator might be the problem. Let DFW Transmissions skilled technicians diagnose the problem, prescribe the remedy, and cure your car’s woes.

Auto Repair: Brake Services

Are your brakes grinding, crunching, or squealing in pain? Does your brake pedal depress to the floor before stopping your car? Does your car pull to one side when you brake? Let DFW Transmissions make your car “feel” better. We know the problems and we have the solutions.

Auto Repair: Radiator Repairs

Your radiator maintains the proper temperature of your car. Radiator problems, such as leaky joints or hoses, cracked tanks, corroded fins, or a damaged fan can throw your car’s temperature off and lead to overheating and other problems.

Rear-End & Axle Services

Do you hear clunking and knocking sounds during a turn? Does your steering wheel tense up and then loosen when turning? Are strange noises coming from the back of your car? Rear End and Axle problems are often the culprit. We perform complete axle rebuilds, including ring & pinions, bearings, seals and other parts. Rear end and axle problems can be dangerous, but the team at DFW Transmissions will remedy the problems.

Auto Repair: Catalytic Converter Services

Catalytic Converter failure causes your car to make loud noises, sets on your check engine light, and cause your car’s engine performance to deteriorate significantly. DFW Transmissions repairs and replaces failing or damaged converters.

Auto Repair: Drive Shaft Diagnostics

Is your car vibrating as you drive down the road or clunking when you put it in drive or reverse? When going at lower speeds, do you hear a squeaking sound? Get your Drive Shaft checked out by DFW Transmissions. We will restore that quiet smooth ride back to your car. We have the tools, equipment, and know-how to identify the source of the problem and do the makeover.

Auto Repair: Suspension Work

Car pulls to one side while driving? Wheels seem to wander and wiggle rapidly back and forth? Do you keep bouncing up and down after you go over a bump? When you turn, does your steering wheel keep slipping slightly back and forth? Is it hard to turn your wheel, especially while moving at slow speed? Our qualified mechanics will find out what you need. Need struts and or shocks? We’ve got you covered. Need leaf spring repair, consider it done. Whatever is needed, we can do it here at DFW Transmissions.

Auto Service:Tune-ups

Trouble starting your car? Knocking noise when accelerating or going uphill? Does it stall when hot or cold or when the air conditioning is on? These are signs that a tune-up may be in order. Let DFW Transmissions examine and fine tune your car with precision.

Auto Service:Oil and Filter Changes

How long has it been in the Dallas area stop and go traffic since you had your car or truck oil and filter changed? The Texas summer heat only breaks down your oil faster. Keep your vehicle running in top shape with clean oil and a clean filter to prolong the life of your engine. Whether your vehicle is newer or older we can change your oil every 3500 miles, 7500 miles, or as needed. DFW Transmissions uses top grade professional oil and filters to keep your auto ready to go.